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We have now embraced our newest exciting potential Patient Referral here: for Collagen Cross Linking in Keratoconus and Combined Laser Refractive Surgery a welcomed addition to the more common place referral for Lasik, PRK and Intralase. It must be known that this Doctor of Optometry loves laser refractive surgery and would have it done in a minute if I thought it would give me stable reading vision.

Laser refractive surgery by my account is more a distance and a marginalized reading corrective means by way of induced mono vision. TO UNDERSTAND THE MOTIVATION FOR LASER REFRACTIVE SURGERY, You have to put yourself in the shoes of the person who has worn glasses all their life involving a large prescription or refractive error. Because we really want to open up one’s total life experience we are the biggest refers of existing contact lens patients. Our surgical Affiliate is Pacific Laser Centre’s, Doctors David Lin and Doctor Simon Holland. They are busy employing the revolutionary algorithms they designed for collagen crossed linked Keratoconic patients they safely now can laser. Indeed fascinating. Their results here and with all their laser directives are exemplary. Collagen Cross linking is a process to strengthen and expectedly to slow or deter further corneal thinning in a Keratoconic Patient. Now this can be paired with Laser Reshaping to eliminated or greatly reduce refractive errors. We now do full field Pachymetry on our pre laser patients as well as initial Tonometry (pressure reading levels).  Add to this we will soon be on line with a high tech Intra Ocular Pressure determining device that can accurately determine current (I.O.Ps) Intra Ocular Pressures  in post Laser Refractive patients or those with Herpetic scarring. The Device is called the Pascal Tonometer. The reason we need to accurately assess I.O.P. post L.A.S.I.K. or P.R.K. is that these persons have artificially low I.O.P.s and when they show RNFL (Retinal Nerve Fiber loss) on a O.C.T. scan without subjective (Parametric field testing) we need to know pre- treatment True I.O.P. as well we need to know if Nocturnal Hypotension and/or if Sleep Apnea exists so it can be modulated to reduce its anoxic effect on important   retinal nerve fibers. These persons will need Glaucoma Meds as well as redirected breathing assistance to maintain collapsing airways.

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