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Dry Eye Therapy And Related Yearly Management Programs

When our patient utilizes – Restasis and Hydrolyzed Omega 3’s, It should be stressed that 65% of Dry Eyes is related to Lid Oil Gland irregularity(M.G.D.) so drugs like Restasis are certainly valuable IN INFLAMATION Modulation but the importance of working to reduce trapped Lid Meibomian oil glands is essential with some applied heat and message as Restasis works BEST at the more internal Lacrimal Gland level to modulate expected inflammation there, but also shows significant benefit at other locations where inflammatory products are present, therefore is prescribed more heavily these days; Often on inception with a steroid. Punctual plugs have on the other hand received a much lesser level of importance as they have associated problems and lessened effectively and are tried with Severe Dry Eye presentations in association with other pairings. Congested mebium in mebomium glands can be thinned by daily use of hydrolyzed omega3’s. Recommended 1000mgs by hopefully enteric coated capsules of hydrolyzed omega – 3- fatty acid T.I.D or 3 times a day, as Dr. Geiger reports in Review of Optometry, He has his pt’s use a lecithin capsule concurrent to the fish oil to scrub out the fishy taste. He also recommends a dosage of 4000 daily mg for arthritics. A study employing this formulation: 3000 mg daily speaks to a 33% improvement in gland function. A safe means of warming congested oil in Lid glands has come out of development called Lipiflow. Yet reviews are mixed to this point and treatment cost proves high around $1600. Our patients are therefore instructed in the warmed rice in a sock application with accompanying lid massage for this condition. Others suggest hot cut potatoes applications. There are also available on line Moist Heat compresses like those from Bruder and related products like I Heat and Silicon filled Tranquileyes beads/ pads and Goggles. We have developed a TRACK or DRY EYE BOOT CAMP

For Dry Eye Suffers since I first wrote the above and we now source Tranquilleyes beads and goggles; a cleaner and more effective methodology. Surgery though it works and is well tolerated is reserved for the more severe presentations. Hydrolyzed Omega 3s unlike ester compounded omega 3’s do not required the first pass thru the liver. They work better and require a lesser dosage than what one would have to take in the alternative ester form. We are therefore the Primary Source of hydrolyzed Omega 3 in the Preferred capsule format over liquid form for our Dry Eye Patients. WE DO NOT REQUIRE A CONTRACT OR AUTO SHIP ARRANGMENT. Patients buy what they want from our clinics and cease doing so as they wish. Also Restasis is by a written Rx you source at the Pharmacy while Latisse is sold from our Clinic to only our patients who agree with Allergan’s Directives regarding appropriate product use and then undergo our Consultative Examination/instruction in use and complete the expected follow-ups. There is Naturally a fee for the Consultation. Persons may want to both have their Eyes Examined and under go the Latisse Consultation so they can that same day leave with the product. We can honor such a request with advance notice for time allowance by the Doctor and One of Our In House Staff, Latisse Ambassadors.

Because maximal effect takes approximately 8 weeks Patients are encourage to acquire a 2 month supply at inception. Application can from then on by reviewed and modified relevant to variability in Lash length and thickness. May be they are growing too long too much of the time. This can be adjusted for relevance to what days to apply Latisse scheduling after the 8 weeks inception period by working with the patient in a tailored approach thus avoiding cutting lashes that interface the inner surface of eyeglass lenses.